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New bonus for our members
Published on 04-09-2020

hello zadclix family, 

New bonus information:

Deposit 10-50       = 5% extra + 2,500 Ads credits + 1,000 Banner credits.

Deposit 51-100     = 10% extra + 5,000 Ads credits + 2,000 Banner credits.

Deposit 101-250   = 15% extra + 15,000 Ads credits + 3,500 Banner credits.

Deposit 251-500   = 20% extra + 25,000 Ads credits + 5,000 Banner credits + 50 rented referrals.

Deposit more 501 = 30% extra + 50,000 Ads credits + 20,000 Banner credits + 100 rented referrals.

The deposits by the processors Paypal and Skrill do not participate in these bonuses, the other processors do participate in this bonus.

Offer valid until September 30.

Best regards

Important information
Published on 22-07-2020

Hello dear zadclix members.


The zadclix forum is disabled for maintenance. In the coming days, the new anti-cheat tool will be integrated to provide greater protection to our advertisers.


Deposit bonuses are now complete, they will soon be notified of a new bonus.


ZadClix Group team

New bonus for our members
Published on 11-06-2020

hello zadclix family, 

Bonus information 

Deposit 10 - 24 = bonus 10%

Deposit 25 - 49 = bonus 20%

Deposit 50 - 99 =bonus 30%

Deposit 100 - 200 =bonus 40%

Deposit more 201 = bonus 50% up to 200

This bonus is for all processors 

Best regards

New anti-bot module under development
Published on 08-05-2020

Hello ZadClix family,

We are developing a new anti-bot module because we have many users who are seeing the ads from auto click software.

These users sometimes ask us why the commission obtained by seeing the ads is not credited to their balance. Well, the answer is that we have a special anti-bot module installed on our site which allows users who use software to see the ads but they are not credited in your balance and you do not subtract the views of the ads from our advertisers.

This forces all users to click on all ads manually.

We will add a new captcha to accredit the ads and users who use software will not be able to see any ad and depending on the severity of their infraction our anti-bot system will decide the penalty they will receive (Temporary or Permanent Suspension, Elimination of said actions, among others) .

It is strictly prohibited to use software to use our website.

ZadClix Group team

We add a new module (Fixed PTC Advertisements)
Published on 21-04-2020

Hello dear ZadClix members, 

Today we add a new module (Fixed PTC Advertisements), it has already been tested and works correctly.

In the next few days we will add other new modules.

ZadClix team

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